The Dog That Roared

October 16, 2006 at 2:03 am (Uncategorized)

Is it possible to create a family on the internet? If so, then a brother passed away recently. Brian Converse, known as Klokdog to fans of the Firesign Theatre and CNI Radio, was an internet friend. Dare I say that I thought him a brother in our varied interests, and attitudes towards society. It feels like I lost a family member.

I stumbled upon the Firesign Chat a couple of years ago whilst perusing (lol) the Firesign Theatre web site. Immediately apparent were several people who used Firesign as a second language. One of them was Klok. He could speak Firesignese with the best of them, and Grid help the unsuspecting chatter who didn’t know Firesign albums by heart. If the Firesign Chat had 6-guns, he would have been the best in the west.

At CNI Radio, he was nothing less than astounding. The man’s command of information would make Star Trek’s Mr. Data envious. Always willing to research the most trivial question and return with the right answers, or expound a literal doctoral thesis on any chosen subject, Klok was our Mr. Science.

Tonight, I have tears in my eyes with anger and grief. Brian, like most of us old codgers, wouldn’t see a doctor unless there was blood rushing out of a gaping wound (and then we’d look around for a sewing kit first). The fact is, if the US had a national health care system (or he could have swallowed his pride and made it to an emergency room), he might be alive tonight. Maybe those of us around his age can heed the very hard lesson.

I never knew that the loss of an internet friend could cause me this kind of grief, but it has. He may have been an internet friend, but he was a local hero. We’ll miss you Brian…

Mark Kopfler’s “Going Home” (theme from the movie Local Hero) seems a fitting musical goodbye.

Never rest, Klok… may you always be in peace 🙂

Tweeny (aka Kurt)


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  1. Lodestone Blog » Brian Converse said,

    […] I never met him in person, but I wish I had. Many who knew him much better than I have posted tributes to him online. (Bambi, Elayne, and Tweeny) […]

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