Abandoning The Exoskeleton – Living Without A Car

September 18, 2007 at 11:58 pm (Technology)

As the price of oil increases (and the price in human lives of obtaining it), we may be forced to use (dare I say it?) Public Transportation. This blog will document some of my experiences using the public transport system of Austin, TX. Those of you in cities with good public transit might share your thoughts as well…


I’ve only used the bus system once since I moved to Austin, but I found it to be clean and efficient. You can ride across the city for the outrageous sum of fifty cents, and you can ask for a transfer ticket to another bus route which may be redeemed within two hours. A couple of the buses are even diesel-electric hybrids. We are also building a light rail system for commuters which should be ready in a couple of years. Downtown, we have ‘Dillos’ which look like SF street cars and are free. They’ll take you all around the downtown area. Not a bad system.


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