As If Iraq Wasn’t Enough Of A Blunder

November 27, 2007 at 10:33 am (War & Peace)

Three and a half years into the Iraq War, the Bush White House is now considering and invasion of Iran. As if Iraq was a shining example of how we can bring peace and stability to the region. Iran is not Iraq, and the fallout from such a folly would make Iraq pale in comparison.

An article by Chris Hedges caught my eye. It’s entitled “If Bush Attacks Iran, He Won’t Get My Taxes” ( In addition to suggesting measures we as citizens can take to voice our extreme displeasure with the situation, he also points out some of the reasons why invading Iran is a very, very bad idea.

“This war, and especially Iranian retaliatory strikes on American targets, will be used to silence domestic dissent and abolish what is left of our civil liberties. It will solidify the slow-motion coup d’état that has been under way since the 9/11 attacks. It could mean the death of the Republic.”

“A war with Iran is doomed. It will be no more successful than the Israeli air strikes on Lebanon in 2006, which failed to break Hezbollah and united most Lebanese behind that militant group. The Israeli bombing did not pacify 4 million Lebanese. What will happen when we begin to pound a country of 65 million people whose land mass is three times the size of France?”

“But more ominous, an attack on Iran will ignite the Middle East. The loss of Iranian oil, coupled with possible Silkworm missile attacks by Iran against oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, could send the price of oil soaring to somewhere around $200 a barrel.”

Just what our economy needs – $5/gal oil.

“This attack will be interpreted by many Shiites in the Middle East as a religious war. The two million Shiites in Saudi Arabia (heavily concentrated in the oil-rich Eastern Province), the Shiite majority in Iraq and the Shiite communities in Bahrain, Pakistan and Turkey could turn in rage on us and our dwindling allies. We could see a combination of increased terrorist attacks, including on American soil, and widespread sabotage of oil production in the Persian Gulf. Iraq, as bad as it looks now, will become a death pit for US troops.”

It’s bad enough that Bush talked about making a ‘crusade’ , now that might be exactly what he will have on his hands; a Muslim/Christian holy war.

“A country that exists in a state of permanent war cannot exist as a democracy. Our long row of candles is being snuffed out. We may soon be in darkness.”

A pretty dire warning, but not without merit.

I leave you with a quote from a recent speech by Presidential hopeful Ron Paul entitled “Iran: The Next Neocon Target” (

“One of the greatest losses suffered these past 60 years from interventionism becoming an acceptable policy of both major parties is respect for the Constitution. Congress flatly has reneged on its huge responsibility to declare war. Going to war was never meant to be an Executive decision, used indiscriminately with no resistance from Congress.

“If we accepted the traditional American and constitutional foreign policy of non-intervention across the board, there would be no temptation to go along with these unnecessary military operations. A foreign policy of intervention invites all kinds of excuses for spreading ourselves around the world. The debate shifts from non-intervention versus interventionism, to where and for what particular reason should we involve ourselves. Most of the time it’s for less than honorable reasons. Even when cloaked in honorable slogans– like making the world safe for democracy– the unintended consequences and the ultimate costs cancel out the good intentions.”

Truer words were never spoken 🙂


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